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Modern style hand prints on canvas, hand colored by Italian craftsmen.

Since 1990 in the workshop Lara Marchi has created authentic unique and exclusive works of art by hand-painting on ancient hand-woven fabrics

The main features of the creations are well-proportioned geometric lines with well-tuned colors, created each time by mixing various unrepeatable shades. This whole is so balanced that it reveals a harmony of emotions

The fabrics used, of linen or hemp, come from manual work carried out on a loom by women from Romagna, an artisan art that has disappeared for decades. 

These are robust fabrics created for endure time with a history behind them, as they were born in the houses, in the Italian countryside of Romagna, where each family wove their own fabrics at home by hand to the loom and therefore they talk to us about lives lived continuing to give us emotions still today. 

Some of the ancient fabrics that are expertly decorated by hand by Lara, date back to the beginning of the last century. 

The colors used are created directly by the artist in his workshop, as per the 1600 recipe and are indelible and resistant to repeated washing even in the washing machine. 

Each item requires working days and the various phases include:

  1. Wash
  2. Cut
  3. Manganatura
  4. Color preparation
  5. Hand painting
  6. Color drying
  7. Fixing the color
  8. Ironing with the mangle
  9. Packaging and Stitching
  10. Last ironing with the mangle

The whole manufacturing process, being carried out as in 1633, is naturally low environmental impact, eco-sustainable, because energy consumption is reduced to a minimum. 

Each creation is to be considered a true work of art, unique and unrepeatable in its kind. 

Manual processing at all stages of production makes every single item unique and every small detail that might seem like an imperfection, shows that the work was performed by a master craftsman and not by a machine.